Welcome to online banking for First American commercial banking customers.  This service is available to authorized users of eCorp Navigator.  If you are interested in this service but are not currently authorized, contact any of our local bank locations, or email businessbanker@fabg.net.

IMPORTANT: For your protection and to keep your information as secure as possible, keep your windows updates current and keep your antivirus signatures current on your computer.

Commercial Online Banking System, eCorp Navigator, More Secure than Ever!

First American Bank to Introduce Security Tokens
First American Bank will soon implement an even greater level of security for eCorp Navigator users. We’re adding a layer of protection, called a security token.

A security token is a small, connectionless device that generates a one-time password to use each time you log in to eCorp Navigator. This password is unique to your account and it changes every 32 seconds for your protection. Each employee your business has designated for eCorp Navigator access will be assigned a token.

How does the token protect our business information?
When your designated employee(s) logs into eCorp Navigator, the bank will identify your business users, and conversely, the token will let your business identify the bank. This protects you from unauthorized access to your online banking information.

Your business’ security administrator should have received enrollment instructions by US Postal mail in early October. If you have not responded to the enrollment information request, please do so immediately to ensure your business Internet banking will not be interrupted.

Contact your local commercial banking contact with questions.